Private Music Lessons at AEDE

Five years old is generally the youngest we start children in private piano lessons
. They have begun to develop longer attention spans and can retain material easier. They also possess the hand size required for the keyboard. If you feel your young child is ready to start lessons, bring them in for an evaluation.

All of our instructors are university trained and take a nurturing approach in presenting the joys and benefits of learning about music by either playing an instrument or developing your singing voice. Each lesson is generally 30 minutes long, although lessons can be extended to 1 hour for an additional fee if the student/parent request this and the teacher agrees it would be beneficial to do so.

Private one on one lessons
offer the student a unique opportunity to progress at their own rate to gain an understanding of each aspect of the lessons. The fundamentals of music theory are also a part of lesson content.

Two private recitals are given each season. Every private lesson student has the optional opportunity to perform in both recitals, given January and June. There is a fee for admission.

Students can begin lessons at any age. Each student is evaluated on an individual basis and a determination
is made by the instructor as to when and if the student is ready to begin. All styles are taught, Pop, Broadway, Rock, Classical.

Tuition is paid in 10 monthly installments via automatic debiting. See registration form for details.

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Private Music Lessons