Anita Ehrler's Competition Company Overview

AEDE maintains 3 to 4 different levels of competition companies. These classes are available to qualified students beginning at age 8. The competition program may be available to any student who is motivated and talented enough to qualify for this type of intensive program. Students may gain entry to an age appropriate company by personal invitation or periodic auditions, usually held in May or June.

The minimum requirement of weekly classes is 4. This breaks down to approximately 6 hrs. per week of Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Rehearsals. Additional rehearsals are required on Saturdays for Elite company students. Attendance to all classes is of the utmost importance. If you are not a highly motivated, hard working, disciplined type student, this program is not for you.

Attendance is a major part of this program, poor attendance for whatever reason is never tolerated and just doesn’t work to achieve what we all want as a group. If a dance student is involved in several other after school activities they probably will not have the available time to commit to this program.

Competitions during the year are usually attended during the months of January, February, March, April and a summer national in June/July. All competition students must attend all the competitions. Entry fees are required for each number a dancer performs in. Whenever there are competitions on any given weekend all company members are required to rehearse on the Friday before the competition, and must be in attendance at all classes. Summer nationals are not required for every company member. However those wishing to compete must:

  • Pre register/register for classes at AEDE for the upcoming season.
  • Attend 1 week of dance camp training and attend all the required summer rehearsals.

Company dancers perform in all or most of the year end dance recitals, and therefore must be available for the whole weekend of the recital as well as the rehearsals the week prior.

Competition members are guaranteed to compete in at least one dance during the competition season. Additional numbers are available to company members through auditions. If company students are selected to be in any additional numbers, those additional numbers are rehearsed on Saturdays. There are additional charges for: rehearsals, costumes and entry fees.

Company involvement can be a most exciting, growing and bonding experience for young dancers, however it is not for everyone. Please reread this overview and ask yourself is this what you really want? If you are interested please call the studio for further information.